Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate mothers all around the world! Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful women of the world! I know you're wondering why I say "all women." It's because all women have the potential to be mothers. You don't actually have to give birth to be a mother, all that's required is to love and to nurture a child or some children. Actually, there are some super dads out there raising children without a mom for whatever reason. Kudos to you single dads! When I was a bit younger I wanted to be a mommy sooooo bad and I'm sure that some of you are feeling the pressure of a ticking biological clock. Wanting to be a mommy as a grand desire but don't let this desire run or ruin your life.

I remember when I first told my husband, "it's time for us to have children." That's what I told him, I was so forceful and demanding about it. To my surprise he actually supported my desire. Unfortunately we were unable to conceive. After consulting with some experts in fertility we were told we could not conceive without IVF & ICSI. After two failed attempts and plenty of conversations with other young couples facing similar challenges, I asked my husband if he wanted to try IVF & ICSI one more time. This time he didn't go along with my plan, instead he came up with a new plan. He said, "We should put this in God's hands and trust His plan for us." My husband prayed for us over breakfast at Eggspectation and in that prayer I heard him say, "...if it is Your will God that we don't have children of our own, Your will be done." I remember being so amazed! There was so much security in knowing that my husband was happy with me, children or not. I couldn't stop crying (I'm such a cry baby)! I also remember us being angry & frustrated when anybody else got pregnant, we were so envious. We often asked God, "what about us? why not us? when will you bless us?" We had to ask for forgiveness all the time because we were so angry & envious! In His time, God blessed us with our well born angel, Micah Eugene!

Then two years later, showing that He isn't a one hit wonder, God blessed us again with our second son Magnus Eli, who's very name means "how great is my God!"

As I close this testimony I hope to encourage somebody. I truly believe that if we were not blessed with children of our own we would still be blessed. Again, you don't have to birth children to mother children. We have been blessed to raise several children that aren't our biological children. If there are women reading this desperately wanting children, start positively affecting the children in your space. Start mothering some of these motherless children. Go to your local hospital or child agency and volunteer for boarder babies. You will find so much joy and peace in being of service, I know I did. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women of the world!

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